Cancer Treatments – Hormone Therapy

Hormone treatment or hormone therapy is the administration of hormones for medicinal treatment. Hormone treatment using hormone blockers can also be called anti-hormone treatment or hormone therapy. This form of treatment can be used to suppress or reduce the effects of certain diseases like diabetes, acne, benign tumors, and certain cardiovascular problems. Hormone treatment can also be used for the prevention and delaying of the effects of some serious diseases such as cancer, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, menopause, and infertility. In addition, this form of therapy can also be used to reverse the harmful effects of taking certain drugs like anabolic steroids, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, and alcohol.

To determine the best form of treatment for you, it is very important that you talk to your doctor about your health risks and symptoms. You should be aware of the possible side effects and health risks involved with hormone therapy, so you will be able to discuss the options with your doctor. It is also important that you remember that sometimes hormone therapy is prescribed only to suppress symptoms instead of treating them completely. This means that sometimes you won’t experience any symptoms and your doctor will simply advise you to take another medication. Click here to read more now about hormone therapy.

When considering the use of hormone therapy for treating your conditions, you should first ask yourself whether your condition is hormone-related. Testosterone and estrogen are both hormones produced by the testes. They are responsible for various bodily functions including growth, development, and maintaining a woman’s reproductive capabilities. The two hormones are also responsible for sexuality. In some women, the presence of excess hormones can cause certain secondary sexual characteristics to develop. If your doctor feels that your body has too much testosterone or estrogen then he may suggest hormone therapy to correct these imbalances.

Another reason why hormone therapy may be prescribed is if you experience hot flashes. Hot flashes occur when a woman’s body releases an excessive amount of heat in order to regulate its temperature. These heat flashes can come on suddenly and last anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. They are often triggered by emotional stress, menopause, exhaustion, or even childbirth.

One of the more controversial treatments that are used on people who have breast cancer or other cancers that destroy cancer cells is called brachytherapy. This treatment actually stimulates the production of estrogen in the body in order to fight cancer. Although this treatment has had great success in destroying cancer cells, it can have some serious side effects and be extremely costly. Some of the side effects of brachytherapy include severe vaginal dryness and infections. Here is more info about hormone therapy.

There are other forms of cancer treatments that a doctor may consider when the disease has spread or has become resistant to chemical treatments. Cancer that is operable via radiation therapy uses radiation beams to kill cancer cells in the area of cancer. If radiation therapy fails to get rid of all traces of cancer cells, doctors may use more aggressive forms of therapy, such as hormone therapy to help make the radiation work better. Although radiation therapy can cause side effects, it remains to be seen how well it works in combating cancer. For more info about this topic, click here:

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